Nancy Greene Ski League (U10 – U12)


The Rio Tinto Nancy Greene Ski League is the “FUNdamental” stage of ski racing for children 4 – 11 years of age. During this time they will be introduced to basic skiing techniques and skills, develop the ABC’S (agility, balance, coordination, strength /speed) in as many different snow conditions and terrains as possible and most of all, have fun on skis! Each year the children participate within their club in team and individual competitions. These events encourage new friendships in a fun and friendly environment while demonstrating the skills developed in the Nancy Greene Ski League program sponsored by Rio Tinto Alcan.


Children who are physically educated feel confident. They are encouraged to build confidence and skills through competitive and recreational sport activity. They will enjoy overall health benefits by developing greater physical literacy, which encourages them to be more physically active throughout their lives. Increased activity reverses the current trends in childhood and adult obesity and cardiovascular disease. Skiing is a life-long sport that is practiced by people of every age, shape, size, ethnicity and level of ability, but skiing skills are not the only benefits of this ski program. In addition, the children will learn: Ski safety, Cooperation, Independence, Listening Skills, Self-confidence, Goal-setting, Group/peer learning, Task-focused activities.

The Rio Tinto Nancy Greene Ski league (U10/U12 ) program philosophy is to encourage participation, interaction and the development of technical skills in an exciting and motivating atmosphere without the pressures of intense competition. Skiers are grouped by ability with consideration to age and led by professional coaches. Coaches follow the Alpine Canada “Husky Snow Stars Program”- a seven step skills progression specially designed for children of this age and Husky Skill Awards program.

The Mount Washington Ski Club Nancy Greene (U10/U12) Program Offers:


  • 15 days of professional coaching (1 day/week program) plus several extra days for races 
  • National seven step skill awards program
  • Group and individual pictures
  • Individual season award
  • Family use of ski club cabin
  • Fun social club atmosphere that encourages parent interaction
  • Sweet learning aids (treats)
  • Free hot chocolate to help keep kids warm

Helmets are Mandatory!!


Half Day Program

Ages 4-5, for new club skiers
Ability- Must be able to load chair unassisted and ski independently
Times- Saturdays 9:15-11:45

Full Day Program (Nancy Greene U10)

Ability- Must be able to load chair unassisted and ski independently
Times- Saturdays or Sundays 9:15-2:45


The U12 program is for member’s 10-11 years of age and as such the program still falls under the FUNdamental phase of skill development and is part of Nancy Greene. This Nancy Greene program is meant to give our future U14’s the necessary skills and challenges to bridge the gap between the Fundamental phase of development and the more competitive Training to Train phase of U14 and U16. The focus of the athletes’ attention here remains fixed on basic technical skills and on learning overall, sports specific skills, fun and games. This program is offered as a one, two or three day program.
Times – Saturday and/or Sunday 9:15 A.M. to 2:45 P.M.

All programs are subject to last minute schedule and programming changes due to snow and weather conditions