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John Trimmer – MWSC Head Coach

My Name is John C Trimmer, I'll let you guess what the C stands for, and I live in Courtenay. I've had a couple nick names over the years, "John John" was perhaps the most common but my favourite was given to me by a kid from Sooke (the Duke of Sooke) and it was "JRock". I'm entering my 31st year Coaching and I've been with the club for all but three of those seasons, I spent three seasons as the Head Coach of the BC Women's Ski Team. I am a Level three instructor, Level three Coach and I have completed a couple of my Level four Coaching tasks. I have had a few Coaching awards over the years but the biggest was in 1997/98 when I was named the Canadian Jr. FIS Coach of the year.


My best day on the hill...I guess I could answer that from a couple of perspectives..... Personally it would be a sunny day with either thigh deep powder or "panorama hard" groomer...Professionally, it is tough to pick one but I guess I would say Lake Louise NorAm DH when I Coached two girls (Danielle Bird and Davon Callander) from the club to 4th and 9th place finishes. When I'm not skiing/ working you will find me Biking (road and Mt), playing hockey, golfing, playing squash, water skiing etc.  I am a true believer in sport and the power it has to shape youth.


Most people only see how sport can help to build fitness and healthy lifestyles but I see it as offering so much more, sport is a great vehicle to learn life skills such as working as a member of a team, time management, confidence and self-esteem. My favourite part of my job is the time spent with the athletes and Coaches on and off the hill! I believe every athlete has the opportunity to excel and I love having the opportunity to help them realize what they can achieve. I believe in hard work and I believe that everyone should strive to be the best they can be.  I love to win but I also realize that only the select few will be able to have a career in their chosen sport so you have to make the most of your travels and the experiences you have.  It is also important to have an element of fun in everything you do. Work hard and enjoy the ride! This is an excerpt from one of my favourite poems "You never grow by how much you win... You only grow by how much you put in... So any new challenge you’ve just begun.  Give it your best and you’ve already won"