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Our club is a self-supporting non-profit organization overseen by an executive committee and a Board of Directors, with paid coaches, volunteer parents and helpers.


Executive/Board of Directors: The Executive members and the Board of Directors are elected on an annual basis at our AGM in June. These positions have voting privileges on all matters requiring club decisions. Most executive members head a committee with the members of the committee drawn from the club membership. Each executive member as well as each member of the coaching staff is responsible to the president and each committee member is responsible to his/her executive committee chairperson. Executive meetings and Directors meeting are scheduled throughout the year to ensure the smooth running of the club. A contact list of Executive members and Directors will be found at the end of this section. If you wish to become a member of either the Executive or Board of Directors please join us at our Annual General Meeting in June.


Program Coordinators have the responsibility of overseeing their program areas with the support and direction of the board of directors

Board of Directors

Spencer Russell

President - BOARD

Jason Henneberry

Past President - BOARD

Mark Law

Mark Law

Vice President - BOARD

Jason LeFevre

Treasurer - BOARD

MarySue Henneberry

Secretary - BOARD

Hugh Hart

Alpine Chair - BOARD

Keir Graaten

Registrar- BOARD

Mailing Address


Box 3335

Courtenay, BC

V9N 5N5

Club Coordinators

John Trimmer

Head Coach / Program Director

Mike Hughes

U16 Coordinator

Jack Reynolds

U14 Coordinator

Lara Graaten

U12 Coordinator

MarySue Henneberry

U10 Coordinator

Elizabeth Childs

U12/U14 All Mountain Coordinator

Dwayne Bell

Club Cabin Manager

Mark Law

Media & Marketing

Grace Bell

Sponsorship Coordinator

Nikki Taylor

Volunteer Coordinator

Kim Fell

Social Coordinator

Mark Law

Website Coordinator


Fundraising Coordinator